Goal-oriented English for Children.K to 9.

Goal-oriented English for Children.K to 9.
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To help children become independent learners, it is necessary for them to learn phonics, the matching of sounds and letters. Letters should be learned through sounds, not vice versa. ? Yoko Matsuka
Phonics Workbook with CD

Phonics is an ideal way for EFL students to learn the sounds of the English language, as many of the common sounds may not exist in the students’ mother tongue. WE CAN!! Phonics 1-3 expand and extend the solid phonics foundation laid down in the core program, and move students towards the goal of reading and writing on their own. This allows them to become independent learners and gives a firm foundation for all the skills in English.

WE CAN!! Phonics 1-3 were designed by two of Japan’s phonics experts, after more than 30 years’ experience observing and teaching English to young learners. Their understanding of the difficulties faced by speakers of Asian languages in mastering the letters and sounds in English has resulted in a course that places great importance on the phonemic awareness stage, thereby helping students to unite sounds with letters and dramatically improve their reading, writing, and pronunciation.

WE CAN!! Phonics 1-3 also offer a wealth of jingles, songs, and chants to cater to children’s natural enjoyment of English prosody. As children read differently from adults, they can enjoy English even if at the beginning they do not fully understand the meaning.

    =Phonics Unique Features
    Build on the solid base established in WE CAN! Student Books. Structured in small groups of easily achievable steps to establish a solid grasp of material before moving to the next step.
    Methodical program with accompanying CD suits both experienced and newer teachers and independent learners.
    Integrated approach starts with phonemic awareness: recognition of sounds
    ->listening to differentiate letters->writing what is heard-> listening again while reading.
    Worksheet scoring allows students to monitor their own progress.
    Jingles, songs, and chants teach children the fun of English rhythm while at the same time building vocabulary.
    Lead naturally to independent reading, not just at the word level but real text.

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