Goal-oriented English for Children.K to 9.

Goal-oriented English for Children.K to 9.
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This course has been designed not only with intermediate and experienced teachers in mind, but also takes into account the needs of first-time teachers. We Can! is as teacher-friendly as we could make it, as our wish is that teachers grow alongside their students as they work through the series. ? Yoko Matsuka
Teacher’s Guide   Flashcards and Posters   Class Audio CD   Songs and Chants CD
Teacher’s Guide
Teacher’s Guide
  • Comprehensive lesson plans with ideas on how to set up activities and make efficient use of class time.
  • Optional activities offer variations of an activity to keep students interested and challenged.
  • Extension Activities provide an effective way to use the language learned in a different context.
  • Options offered on adjusting activities for large and small groups.
Flashcards,Playcards and Posters
Flash cards and Posters
  • The flashcards,Playcards and posters are made of beautiful photos and illustrations.
  • Not only they are useful for activities in class and at home, they are well suited to decorate the classroom.
Class Audio CDs(2 CDs for each level)
Class Audio CDs(2 CDs for each level)
  • Class audio CD includes songs, vocabulary, conversation as well as instructions for activities.
  • Class CD Audio Scripts are in Teacher's Guides.
Songs and Chants CDs
Songs and Chants CDs

One of the unique features of We Can! is its emphasis on helping children acquire good English prosody using fun rhythm and pronunciation practice.Over many years of experience, the authors found that the best way to help children hear and use the rhythms and sounds of English is through songs and chants. Over its seven levels, We Can! offers a wide range of songs and chants, including nursery rhymes, traditional songs and chants, and original compositions. With their natural English rhythm and pronunciation and catchy beats and music, they offer excellent and compelling models to young learners of English.

The We Can! Songs and Chants CD is a lively, fun selection taken from all seven levels of the series. It offers teachers extra audio support material that children are not only bound to enjoy, but that will also help them to speak with excellent rhythm and pronunciation right from the beginning.

■This double CD includes all the tracks in the Student Book.

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