Can-do 評価に基づいた子供のための英語学習コースブック。幼児、小学生対象。

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2015 WE CAN Spring ELT Forum
Do you ask yourself the following questions about teaching English to children?
Please come to our forum to learn the answers that will make your lessons better!

* How can I get my students to do more repetition practices in fun and interesting ways?
* How can I review lessons in a communicative way?
* How can I have my students more involved when checking homework?
* How can I increase the vocabulary my students are able to use?

Seminar contents:
1) Presenter: Yasuko Hirata
Using a picture dictionary to add vocabulary and variety to lessons.
2) Presenter: David Staggs
Getting students to practice and review lesson points in fun and communicative ways.

2/11 Osaka、2/14 Tokyo、2/15 Nagoya
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