Goal-oriented English for Children.K to 9.

Goal-oriented English for Children.K to 9.
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About WE CAN! | Approaches and features
Flow/ Levels Starter (SB,WB) 1 & 2 (SB,WB) 3 & 4 (SB,WB) 5 & 6 (SB,WB)
Age Group Picture dictionary 1st Grade/2nd Grade/3rd Grade/4th Grade/5th Grade/6th Grade/Junior High
Where to study Designed for study at home with parents. Designed for study at private elementary schools and English language schools.
(Workbooks are designed so that they can be studied independently / without supervision)
Linguistic knowledge:
Ss acquire the knowledge though fun songs and chants, dialogs, stories, etc.
Ss listen to a lot of English to get used to it. Ss repeat, sing, chant, act out to increase confidence. Ss listen to and say a lot of English. Ss start reading and copying using rhythmical songs and chants. Ss enjoy reading and writing. Ss learn how to use introduction, body and ending in talks, reading and writing.
Ss use the knowledge immediately through task-based activities
Talk Time
Ss participate positively,
Fun Time
Ss enjoy playing in English with their friends.
Challenge Time
Ss act out, compete and play using English
Action Time
Ss state their opinions. Ss make jokes to make conversation run smoothly.
Goals (Total 384 ) Students get motivated through fun activities SB1 I Can … 1 - 64 SB2
I Can … 65 - 128
SB3 I Can … 129 - 192
SB4 I Can … 193- 256
SB5 I Can … 257 - 320
SB6 I Can … 321 - 384
Workbooks to reinforce the goals and to promote self study Workbook 1-36
(similar to TPR)
Workbook 1 1-64
Workbook 2 65 - 128
Workbook 3 129 - 192
Workbook 4 193 - 256
Workbook 5 257 - 320
Workbook 6 321 - 384
Interactive website For those who want to do it. For those who want to do it. For those who want to do it. For those who want to do it.
Comparison with existing proficiency exams STEP 5th level STEP 5th level to 4th level STEP 4th level to 3rd level
Cambridge YLE Starter
STEP 3rd level to semi 2nd level
Cambridge YLE Movers
* Cambridge YLE…Cambridge Young Learners English Test
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