Goal-oriented English for Children.K to 9.

Goal-oriented English for Children.K to 9.
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About WE CAN! | Topic/Skill/Activity
Contents / Levels Starter (SB,WB) 1 & 2 (SB,WB) 3 & 4 (SB,WB) 5 & 6 (SB,WB)
Topics Greetings, Colors, Numbers, My body, Parties and Goodies, The Seaside, etc. Total 36 My Friends, My Family, Happy Birthday!, Animals, Seven Days, Feelings, Beautiful Nature, My Things,, etc. Total 16 Camp, Sports, Chores, Jobs, My School is Cool! , Fun on the Weekend, Math in English, My Dream Vacation, etc.Total 16 What Are You Interested In?Heroes, The Big Wide World,Dinosaurs, The Three Rs, Around the World, etc.Total 16
Talking Answering questions Two to four line dialogs Six to eight lines, small talks Talk more with friends
Songs and chants (total 77) 6 songs Songs and chants (total 23) Songs and chants (total 30) Songs and chants (total 15)
Phonics Phonics Alphabet Jingle Consonant, vowels, three-letter words Silent e, Two-in-one con-sonants and vowels, etc. - - - - - - - - - -
Words(Total about 1400) 642words 642 (recycled) 200+165=365 words 200+200=400 words
Reading (from words to stories with 160 words) - - - - - - - - - - Words, short sentences Chants and stories (less than 50 words) Stories and explanations (50 to 160 words )
Writing Copying (words, sentences) Writing (three-letter words Copying chants, sentences Essays, emails (abut 10 lines)
Grammar Singular/ plural nouns、a, the giving orders, asking Adjectives, prepositions, -ing forms, future, be, have, etc. Comparison、superlatives、present and past tenses, etc. Have plus pp, Prepositions, conjunctions, if …, etc.
Interaction Talk Time Fun Time Challenge Time Action Time
Using English in classroom Hidden letters, What's weird? Games and activities (total 32) Games and activities (total 32) Brainstorming, opinions,
for real Q and A, Individual attention Acting out, playing games Quizzes、BINGO, BONGO jokes, presentations, etc.
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